Education for workers in both priority areas

As a part of the Early Intervention for children program, we offer organizations from all over the Czech Republic in both priority areas the opportunity to learn free of charge within the educational cycles prepared in cooperation with experts.

Early Intervention for Children priority area
A series of six courses accredited by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs which are intended for Early Intervention for Children workers will be realized from March to May 2018. All organizations providing Early Intervention for Children services in the Czech Republic can sign up, not only those who are currently supported by a grant from the Early Intervention of Children Program. It is possible to participate in the whole cycle or just selected seminars. Detailed about seminars here.

The seminars will take place at NROS in Prague 5. The Early Intervention for Children workers´ education is carried out in cooperation with the Early Intervention for Children Worker´s Association.

Crisis Intervention priority area
A cycle of educational seminars for organizations working in the field of Crisis Intervention for Children and Families is being prepared in cooperation with experts. We will publish the details in the first half of 2018. The first cycle of educational seminars will take place in the second half of 2018.