Conference on Interdisciplinary Cooperation in the area of Crisis Assistance for Children

3. 10. 2018

NROS organised a Conference within the framework of the Early Intervence for Children project funded by The VELUX Foundation. The Conference took place on September 26 2018 in Prague and it was attended by representatives of important non-governmental organisations and state administration.

Conference on Interdisciplinary Cooperation in the area of Crisis Assistance for Children

The topic of the Conference was the interdisciplinary cooperation in the area of Crisis Assistance for Children. One of the agenda items was presentation of the Association of Crisis Assistance Providers (APKP), a new umbrella organisation that is being established within the project. The purpose of the Association is to to share experiences and raise public awareness about the care options for Children in Crisis.

The wide range of Speakers (a judge, a child psychiatrist, a police representative, OSPOD representative and a nonprofit organisation representative) offered different points of view on Children in Crisis and care of such Children.

Another Conference item was presentation of the results of research focused on Crisis Services for Children,  which showed that:

  • the Children in Crisis most commonly use distance forms of help (especially online)  phone, e-mail, chat and communication applications. The reasons for seeking help are usually loneliness, lack of friends, lack of family’s attention and parent fights;
  • a part of organisations providing Crisis Assistance and Shelters for Children are limited in their work by the lack of capacity as well as the lack of funds;
  • less than half of the public has ever heard about NGOs providing care for Children in Crisis, three quarters of the public believe that the reasons to seek help from those organisations are in the first place drug problems and in the second place, with a significant distance, domestic violence or abuse.