In the programming period 2017-2019, a total amount of CZK 6.778.602 has been allocated to 11 Non-Governmental Organisations within the priority area Early Intervention Services.

In Time for All Children

The project aims to create a functional system of hearing examination screening for all newborns in the Czech Republic. If the examination does not take place, it can severely limit the child’s quality of life and his/her family, also having an impact on the society itself.

Increasing the Capacity for Families of Children Suffering From Visual and Combined Disabilities

The project Increasing the Capacity for Families of Children Suffering From Visual and Combined Disabilities focuses on the expansion of capacity of early intervention in the Prague, Central Bohemia, Ústí nad Labem and Pardubice regions.

You Are Not Alone – Providing Early Intervention to Families of Children With ASD

The project aims to increase the availability of the early intervention services to families of children suffering from ASD.

Improving the Quality of Early Intervention for Families of Children With ASD

The project will provide assistance to 24 families of children with ASD through activities focused on developing their social skills and ensuring a meaningful leisure time activities.

Development of Support Mechanisms for Children With Autism

The project will involve a minimum of 120 families with children suffering from ASD and we will grow the early intervention team by adding a qualified speech therapist and a rental aid equipment coordinator.

You Are Not Alone

The project focuses on expanding the provided service and strengthening early intervention capacities in the Morava Silesia region as well aiding families with children suffering from ASD through the O.T.A. RS methodology which is carried out by trained staff members.

Together, We Continue On!

The project focuses on early intervention services in terms of a child’s development. It involves children across the entire Olomouc Region with mental or combined disabilities as well as those suffering from ASD from birth until the age of 7.

Let’s Not Let Families Be Without Any Help

With the help of a new early intervention model, we will be able to provide more intense assistance from the onset. As a result, the family will be able to cope sooner in better accepting and supporting their child.

Maintaining and Growing Early Intervention in the Vysočina Region Through Quality

This is a direct result of poor transport infrastructure in the region and an inadequate offering of additional assistance options.

Chance to See the World

The project aim is to identify children subjected to endangered development and with severe visual or combined disabilities between birth and the age of 7, as well as supporting them in a timely manner.

Accessible Early Intervention

Minimizing the impact of a health disability through early intervention in the most natural environment.