NROS and The VELUX Foundations

Nadace rozvoje občanské společnosti (NROS)

Nadace rozvoje občanské společnosti (NROS) was established in 1993 and belongs among the leading non-profit organizations in the Czech Republic. From its establishment, it already supported more than 7 000 projects. NROS focuses primarily on projects which help vulnerable and disadvantaged groups, support human rights, support mutual coexistence, tolerance or otherwise encourage citizen’s interest in local development and public life. One of the key target groups for NROS are children and young people who it supports through specific programs – not only through the Pomozte dětem (Help the children) fundraises or through the Early Intervention for Children programs.

The VELUX Foundations

The VELUX Foundations is a Danish foundation that connects two foundations – the VILLUM FOUNDATION and the VELUX FOUNDATION. Villum Kann Rasmussen, the founder of the VELUX Group is behind the establishment of both foundations. The mission of the company, as well as its foundations, is to “bring daylight, fresh air and a better environment into people’s daily life”. The projects supported by both foundations are focused on areas concerning social, cultural and environmental aspects along with sustainability.