Name of the project: Expandingh and Improving the Quality of Services Provided by Safety Helpline

Name of the organization: Linka bezpečí, z.s.

The project is a response to the ever-increasing demand from children for online communication channels through which they seek professional assistance provided by Linka bezpečí (Safety Helpline). The existing e-mail helpline and crisis assistance chatline which are working at full potential will also be strengthened by involving Linka bezpečí in the “Nenech to být (Don’t let it be)” project. It allows for the anonymous option of addressing bullying at schools by being directly connected to the organization’s helpline (under the auspices of the Ministry of Education). At the same time, we would like to involve the children in assessing the currently quality of services provided by Linka bezpečí and to use their feedback in further improvements as well as to react to their needs with regards to determining how assistance will be rendered in the future.

Allocated funds: 673 200,00